About Kenya

Kenya is Africa’s original and best safari destination - so why not include a visit to Paradise Lost in your trip to Kenya. We have a rich mosaic of cultures, historical sites and beautiful beaches to explore.

Kenya lies directly on the equator, on the East African coast. It rises from sea level to 5,199 m (17,057 ft) at the peak of Mt. Kenya, the second highest point on the continent. This variety of altitudes creates a geographically unique range of landscapes, eco-systems and climates.

Traveling west from the coast, you will pass through sprawling savannah to dense tropical rainforest and cool highland retreats, and beyond to semi-arid wilderness in the north and the endless savannah of the south.

Kenya’s diverse range of landscapes is matched by the range of activities available to the traveler - trekking, climbing and walking safaris, off-road cycling safaris, horse back or camel safaris and more.

Our beautiful country, Kenya

This single nation has a remarkable cultural diversity with 42 separate tribes  within our borders. Among these are some of the last great nomadic tribal communities, including the Maasai and Samburu; and along the coast, the Swahili, with their trading culture and a long and exotic history.

Kenya’s best known attraction remains our wilderness.  With 59 National Parks and Reserves, nearly ten percent of the land space is devoted to the protection of wildlife and their habitat.
The country is Africa’s best wildlife destination, home to the famed 'Big Five' (Lion, Leopard, Rhino, Buffalo and Elephant), but also to many more rare and indigenous species and an incredible diversity of bird life.

After a tiring safari through our parks, a break at the coast is the perfect relaxing conclusion to your Kenyan journey and there’s nowhere more special than Paradise Lost - Kenya’s best-kept secret!

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