Experience breathtakingly beautiful surroundings, to luxury accommodation and dining facilities...
We specialize in the finest local seafood; excellent fish, crabs, lobster, prawns and more...
Try out our special Day Dhow and Magharibi Sunset Dhow Excursions into the Indian Ocean...
Enjoy romantic nights under the stars in our luxury villa with private pool and Jacuzzi...
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Welcome to Paradise Lost

Kenya's best kept secret


Paradise Lost was given its name by a group of colonial mapmakers, who searched in vain for the villages and coastal estuaries they had been told about by local guides.  One day they stumbled onto an area of such breathtaking beauty that they declared it a "lost paradise". This is how "Paradise Lost" got its name. Even today, the area remains little known and little visited, and is still as beautiful as the day it was "discovered".

Lying at the southernmost edge of the Coast of Kenya, within the protective shelter of Shirazi Bay, this haven of peace and tranquility is a world away from the busy resorts further north, but still easily accessible to visitors.

Paradise Lost lies on an estuary between the calm clear waters of the Indian Ocean and the freshwater Ramisi River, home to rich birdlife and crocodiles. Our luxury accommodation and restaurant lie in a cool, breezy palm forest within the bay.  It is surrounded by a quiet, traditional village where the local people welcome visitors with the warmest of smiles.

The area has a rich history, and at the heart of Paradise Lost lies the ancient ruins of a Persian trading settlement, dating from the 11th century. You can experience the culture, history and natural beauty of the region as you board our traditional dhow to cruise to a secluded sand island surrounded by warm turquoise waters.  You then explore the backwaters of the Ramisi River in search of crocodiles before returning to enjoy the finest fresh seafood our coast has to offer.

Alternatively, you can take the sundowner cruise into the Indian Ocean, as the sun turns the sea to gold, to later enjoy a fantastic candlelit dinner under the stars.

Paradise Lost is open to all who wish to join our day cruises or the Magharibi Sunset Cruise. To truly immerse yourself in paradise, spend the night either in our luxury two-bedroom villa (with its own private pool and its rooftop with Jacuzzi) or in our Salama Tree House - both ideal for romantic nights under the star.


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